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Battleship is a two player guessing game. The game itself appears to predate at least World War I. It started off as a pencil and paper game. In 1967, Milton Bradley `issued their version of the game Battleship in North America that used plastic boards and pegs. The electronic Battleship happened in the year 1977 when Milton Bradley released the new version of Battleship which is a computerized electronic battleship. The ways by which the game has been stylized in so different ways it proves nothing can match to the excellence of this gaming strategy.Over the years we have increased in size of the hand-held electronics and also gone smaller. An electronic game is a game that employs electronics to create an interactive system with which a player can play. Since most of the electronic games are based upon computer chip technology, some people call it "Computer Games". Battleship was one of the earliest games to be produced as a computer game, with a version being released for the Z80 Compucolor in 1979. Now, this game can play in a computer or gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. It’s really fantastic one because the player can really feel the growing zeal for the game. This game is a multiplayer game wherein the player will have an opponent.